Extension chains

what is the final updated seed list for everyone including @coinselor ?

/selfreply ->nvm you’ve updated the original post for everyone ty sir

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seeds = "11a552f46f9f9cca4167dcabfa011acd3e6b4704@,cffa8675227fc3f028a527678ac491309715f632@,1adcbd9a8a53d93505fb50e88660feb45d5089e4@"
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I also updated the seeds line.

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Unfortunately, I’ve discovered a small mistake in the gentx command (the chain-id) and you’ll need to redo the genesis transaction for your extension-chain Pillar.

rm -rf /root/.supernova/config/gentx/gentx-*
supernovad gentx pillar_moniker 1000000000000000000000stake --chain-id supernova_74506-1 --moniker="pillar_moniker" --min-self-delegation="1000000" --details *insert signature*  --ip=""

Please note that I’ve added the --ip parameter where I’ve specified the localhost instead of the public IP. We can’t remove the memo field after it’s signed because we invalidate the signature by doing so.

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Check the hash of the genesis.json file:

sha256sum genesis.json

Should output:


Commands to run:

supernovad tendermint unsafe-reset-all
rm /root/.supernova/config/genesis.json
nano /root/.supernova/config/genesis.json

Paste the contents of the genesis.json and Control+x to exit and Y to save.

Fixing the supernova.service:

cp /root/supernova/build/supernovad /usr/local/bin/supernovad

Edit this line from supernova.service:

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/supernovad start

systemctl daemon-reload 

After that you can start the supernova service:

systemctl start supernova.service

Please add @mehowbrainz’s seed node to the seeds entry in the config.toml:

seeds = "b91ab16e7454eeaabcb0d4c5d2f900a08ed518aa@,7efe3e47afbbf38c44179d3802aee4cad7af47eb@,7cd3cb605a8da6a7be20736c171ee33d307d6f88@"

I will prepare the mainnet rollout for Supernova ZVM. We still need to accomplish 2 things in the meanwhile:

  1. A fully functional explorer: @mehowz’s dev is helping us with devops and @0x3639 can host the archive node for it
  2. A fully functional bridge interface to seamlessly swap ZNN and xZNN. Here @dexter can help us or anyone that has experience with frontend development.

Sounds like mehowz will not be able to setup the infra. I will plan to host it.

@aliencoder do we have a faucet for the testnet? Someone was asking in TG today.

We can setup a faucet if someone is interested to host it.

yes I’m happy to do that if no one else wants to.

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Are we set on 1 & 2 or are these still open?

@0x3639 is on it. Hopefully we’ll have a fully functional explorer.

Here is a little bit more tricky. We should also start integrating EVM support into Syrius @CryptoFish (for xZNN).

I’ve released a statically linked supernovad binary with rocksdb support to enable faster transaction throughput and block sync.

rocksdb is much more efficient than goleveldb given that it’s written in C++ and is maintained by Facebook:

Please download and update your supernovad binary:


If you’re running a supernova node, please:

  1. Delete all blockchain files from ~/.supernova/data directory,
  2. Add db_backend = "rocksdb" to ~/.supernova/config/config.toml.
  3. Resync from scratch. rocksdb is not compatible with goleveldb format.

It is mandatory by all Pillars that run extension-chain validators to upgrade to supernovad with rocksdb support.


Before everyone tries this we should work through the issue I’m having w/ the upgrade. I would hate for everyone to try to upgrade, fail, and halt the chain. Maybe one person should try and see if you get this error too.

Jun 10 00:22:52 sn-archive1 kernel: [84986.200862] traps: supernovad[18282] trap invalid opcode ip:4ced660 sp:7fffafde9b18 error:0 in supernovad[1c2f000+34d3000]
Jun 10 00:22:52 sn-archive1 systemd[1]: supernova.service: Main process exited, code=dumped, status=4/ILL
Jun 10 00:22:52 sn-archive1 systemd[1]: supernova.service: Failed with result 'core-dump'.
Jun 10 00:22:52 sn-archive1 systemd[1]: supernova.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 5.
Jun 10 00:22:52 sn-archive1 systemd[1]: Stopped supernova service.
Jun 10 00:22:52 sn-archive1 systemd[1]: supernova.service: Start request repeated too quickly.
Jun 10 00:22:52 sn-archive1 systemd[1]: supernova.service: Failed with result 'core-dump'.
Jun 10 00:22:52 sn-archive1 systemd[1]: Failed to start supernova service.