A Dashboard to Support Collective Action

On the topic of increasing pillar engagement and NoM’s capacity for collective action:

I’m dreaming of a NoM dashboard.

Rather than logging into syrius, syncing, checking 3-4 tabs, scrolling 600 telegram messages, two forums, discord, orchestrator status, etc

If users / pillars could customize their own web app dashboard to show the status of the bridge, their infra, AZ proposals that need voting, an offchain dm system for verified users…


I like this idea!


Maybe something like this, but more elaborate? https://www.dapptest.xyz/

Zenonhub.io offers a lot already though, I remember @digitalSloth being very open to improve his website for the community.

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This is a cool idea, Im working on some major updates for Zenon Hub but after those are released I could look at making a configurable home page with customisable widgets


check out this TC dashboard for ideas. I don’t think what they track is what is being proposed here. But I always liked the look and feel of this site.


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