How to Re-Sync SYRIUS: A Step-by-Step Guide for macOS and Windows

After the recent and unplanned fork users need to upgrade to SYRIUS v0.0.7.

First, download the latest SYRIUS release: Releases · zenon-network/syrius · GitHub If your sync gets stuck, follow these instructions:

macOS Users

  1. Close Syrius.
  2. Open Finder.
  3. Press ⌘ + shift + H to go directly to your Home folder.
  4. Now press ⌘ + shift + period (.) to make the hidden Library folder visible.
  5. Navigate to the Library/znn folder.
  6. Once you’re inside the folder, either delete or rename these directories: nom, consensus, and network.
  7. Launch Syrius. It should now begin to re-sync.

Windows Users

  1. Close Syrius

  2. Open the Windows Explorer and navigate to the following path:

    Note: Replace <username> with your actual Windows username.

  3. Inside this directory, you should see several folders. Either delete or rename these specific directories: nom, consensus, and network.

  4. Launch Syrius. The application should start the re-syncing process from scratch.

Remember, always make sure to backup SYRIUS and/or make sure you seed phrase is ready and works as expected.


Followed this to resync my embedded node in win11. Its not synching from start. How to troubleshoot?

which version of SYRIUS did you install?

Issue happened with 0.0.7, didn’t improve with 0.1.0. Running znnd alone too didn’t work.

Problem was my anti virus again. Had to re-do all permissions. Now note is syncing.