Matrix Chat Server for Zenon Development

@aliencoder and I have been working on a new Matrix Chat server for developers and operators of Pillars, Orchestrators, and SuperNova nodes.

The goal is to provide a quiet place for developer and node operators to discuss development and equipment operations. We are focused on the constructive development and growth of Zenon Network.

If you are a developer or node operator and want to join in the conversation, please DM @aliencoder or me.


  • No FUD allowed
  • Don’t be a dick
  • Stay on topic

Zenon Network is building nonstop

Desktop Setup Instructions

  • Visit this URL: Element
  • Select a Username and Password
  • Do NOT provide an email initially. You can add this later after registering the account.
  • On the next page it will ask for a tokenID. Use the tokenID provided by @0x3639 or @aliencoder
  • Once you register your account provide the username to @0x3639 or @aliencoder. The format of the username looks like this

iPhone Setup Instructions

Once you authenticate the username the app will ask you to verify the account. You need to go to another device that is logged in, a verify device message will pop up. Click Verify Device and a QR code will appear. Scan that code with the iPhone to authenticate the device. Once that is complete accept the default messages.

If for some reason the device does not authenticate properly, log out of the account on the iPhone and repeat the steps above.