Network Fork at Block 6606106

Looks like we encountered an issue with the Staking Embedded contract at block 6606105. This caused a fork at block 6606106.

We believe the sort.Slice function caused the fork, identical to what happened with the AZ fork. If you want to read about that issue, see this post.

We fixed this last time by changing to Stable Sort. @sumamu is looking into this. I hope we can test and deploy a fix quickly.

I think most pillars are on the main chain, which is why many people have not noticed. I’ve reached out to a few Pillars who I know are forked out. I have several nodes that are forked out, but the public node wss:// is on the main chain.

Until we get things sorted out I recommend not bridging assets, but when @sumamu reads this tomorrow he might have different advice. @digitalSloth was the first person to notice it and since then we’ve been investigating most of the day.

If you operate a node or pillar run sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog | grep "znnd" to see if you are processing blocks. If you are forked you will be stuck on 6606105 and you won’t see any new momentums in the logs. The znnd process will reboot every few minutes.

Stay tuned for more info zoon™.


ZenonORG and HyperGrowth Pillars are processing blocks.

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