NoM Developer Coordination Meeting #4 - 24 Nov @ 12 PM UTC

What: NoM Developer Coordination Meeting #4
When: Friday 24 Nov @ 12 PM UTC
Where: Discord Channel - #dev-meeting < links to dev-meeting channel. If you need the Discord Sever it is
Duration: 2 Hours
Purpose: Discuss Open PRs, Side Chain vs Rollups, Dynamic Plasma and Metamask Snap
Agenda: TBD

Note: This post is a wiki. Anyone can edit it to add / change items to the agenda.


  1. Marketing Update
  2. Discuss Open PRs / Development
  • PLTCs
  • syrius upgrade (dust attacks)
  1. ZIP to fund AZ
  2. Discuss Network Priorities | Side Chain - zk rollup - P2P Mining
  3. Discuss Dynamic Plasma
  • Any objections?
  • Rotating PoW algos?
  • Who wants to code the changes?
  1. Any updates on Metamask Snaps? Does dynamic plasma impact this?
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