Orchestrator Update Instructions to remove queues & events directories

Some orchestrators may be on the old fork and are trying to sign old messages which is preventing the bridge from working. In order to prevent that follow these instructions:

sudo -i
systemctl stop orchestrator
# WAIT 10 seconds
rm -rf ~/.orchestrator/queues
rm -rf ~/.orchestrator/events
systemctl start orchestrator

Hard Reset Script

If you want to automate the steps to perform a hard reset follow these instructions.

nano ~/reset_orchestrator.sh

Next paste in this script into that file


# Check if the script is run as root
if [ "$EUID" -ne 0 ]
  then echo "Please run as root"

echo "Stopping Orchestrator service..."
systemctl stop orchestrator

echo "Waiting for 10 seconds..."
sleep 10

echo "Removing Orchestrator queues and events directories..."
rm -rf ~/.orchestrator/queues
rm -rf ~/.orchestrator/events

echo "Starting Orchestrator service..."
systemctl start orchestrator

echo "Checking Orchestrator status..."
systemctl status orchestrator

Make the script executable chmod +x ~/reset_orchestrator.sh
Run the script sudo ~/reset_orchestrator.sh


  • These instructions assume your orchestrator files are located here /root/.orchestrator
  • This is a “hard reset” of events. I’ve tested these instructions and they work. In the future @sumamu’s team will create a feature that circumvents this manual step.
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Will this clear the infinite signing tx on the bridge page?

I hope so

Or this single command after sudo -i

sudo systemctl stop orchestrator
sleep 5 && sudo rm -rf ~/.orchestrator/queues
sleep 5 && sudo rm -rf ~/.orchestrator/events
sleep 5 && sudo systemctl start orchestrator
sleep 5 && sudo systemctl status orchestrator