Zenon Public RPC Node Database Repo

As a follow up to this post: Public RPC Nodes in syrius v0.2.0 - #3 by CryptoFish

I’m discussing this idea with @CryptoFish. We have come up with an idea to create a file called mainnet-rpc-node-db.json that would live in a new /zenon-network repo. See the proposed repo here: https://github.com/KingGorrin/zenon-node-database.

In this .json file we could include a list of Public RPC Nodes like this:

  "HyperCore-One": {
    "url": "wss://my.hc1node.com:35998"
  "Zenon Hub": {
    "url": "wss://node.zenonhub.io:35998"

When we build syrius and other applications, they can pull in this file and use it when we build the binary. Putting this information in a separate repo and easily accessible file will make it “ez” for the community to see it and propose changes.

In addition, we can also expand this idea to include more information, like what is proposed below:

"name":"Zenon Mainnet",
"explorers":[{"name":"Zenon Explorer","url":"https://explorer.zenon.org"}]

The alternative is to hard code the Public RPC Nodes into the code or create a .json for each application, but that could be hard to manage and duplicate information needed in multiple apps.

Do you guys have any opinions on this idea? If not, we will move forward as proposed.

I think it’s better to the json file as basic as possible. Just a list of strings representing the rpc urls.

This PR contains a working example in which the node file is copied by the workflow and loaded as an asset by syrius.

Currently using HyperCore-One:zenon-node-database as the central repository because of permission limitations on zenon-network.

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this makes sense to me too.

By doing this users can modify this file locally themselves after installing syrius.