AZ for Wallet API v0.1

Project Name:
Zenon Wallet API

The Zenon Wallet API for .NET is a cross-platform solution designed to interface with the Zenon Alphanet. This API facilitates various operations such as accessing blockchain data, managing wallets, and submitting transactions. It’s built to be compatible with Microsoft .NET 8.0 and requires a Zenon Node for full functionality.

The Zenon Wallet API is part of a CEX integration guide that will help CEXs onboard ZNN & QSR frictionless.



  • Jwt bearer authentication
  • Role-based authorization
  • Wallet management
  • Wallet account management
  • Transfers (znn/qsr/zts)
  • Plasma management
  • Query ledger info
  • Auto-receiver service
  • Auto-locker service
  • Community plasma-bot utility
  • Address validator utility
  • Auto fuse using plasma-bot


  • API installation and configuration
  • API documentation
  • CEX integration guide

This AZ includes the following:

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Documentation
  • Testing
  • CEX integration support
  • API playground



Total Requested Funding = 5000 ZNN and 7000 QSR
Project Duration = >2 months

How did you calculate your budget?
This project is calculated using roughly 30 ZNN per hour.
@CryptoFish = 4300 / 7000
@0x3639 = 500 / 0
@digitalSloth = 200 / 0



  • Design and implementation
  • Testing
  • Documentation


  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • CEX Coordination


  • Plasma-bot api

Just wanted to thank @CryptoFish and @digitalSloth for this work. I got to see first hand what it takes to design and develop a piece of software like this. I’m really proud of the end product. I think it will make onboarding to more CEXs very easy.

With v0.1 released and XeggeX going live (hopefully tomorrow) I have everything I need to finish the CEX Integration Guide (separate AZ). We can present that guide to Mercatox and hopefully they will launch the token.


I second the gratitude.

I look forward to using this wallet API in the future while building something cool :slight_smile:


The funds has been received and distributed among the contributors. Thanks you for the support :tada: