Zenon Network (Personified) - Attracting Investors (AZ Proposal)

Here is the link to my current proposal for AZ funding. I haven’t submitted it yet.

(Zenon Network (Personified) - Google Docs)

This has been a conversation in the marketing forum — however, I’d like the input of Zenon’s developers.

Do you have any instinctive reflections on my proposal?
Things I should add?
Questions about my experience and background?


I have a few comments on the proposal.

  1. The way AZ works (for everyone) is a proposal is submitted with a scope or work, the Pillars review / approve that scope or work, the applicant completes the work and requests payment for the work. We have never had an instance where an applicant completes approved work and does not get paid. Everyone has received payment for completed work.

The one exception (I think) is when John-Z requested payment to purchase ad space. He had true out of pocket cost.

  1. I think you should establish specific goals for the AZ. For example, you will generate no less than X new posts a week on twitter with original AI art… etc. I think you set goals for the end of the 1m period. Be as specific as possible.

  2. Maybe this first AZ should be for twitter engagement and reimbursement for 1m of MJ. Interfacing with the community to establish a consistent theme could take time. I personally think you need to create this personality on Twitter, let it shape itself, and then figure out how it could be useful in other places.

  3. Most of the people in TG and Discord today know each other and are very deeply involved with the project. We have a nice little echo chamber going. Over time this will change and this Scribe personality could be more useful in TG and Discord. Today, you would be talking to OGs who know a lot about the project. But as more people come into the project, this personality could be very useful.

  4. You could help me proof my zenon.info posts. Today, the community does that because everyone knows I make a lot of typos.

Curious what others think.


That’s incredibly helpful feedback. I can provide that information easily — also, I don’t really have any doubts about the project’s professionalism. That feeling of being taken advantaged of has just stuck with me in the crypto space.

I’ll do another writeup after more people chime in.

A community member has generously agreed to fund my proposal for two months.

In July, I’ll submit an AZ proposal using hard data.

I’m going to need a better technical understanding of the project. Professionally (I work in the library), I explain technical concepts to people in simple language, but the NoW is a whole different level. I’m looking forward to the challenge — however, I’ll definitely need some guidance.

The resources I currently have aren’t necessarily what the project looks like right now (a slide deck that describes the project’s potential more than its current reality). Are there documents that describe the way Zenon functions that I could look at? I’d also be interested in having a conversation with someone — I’m comfortable speaking over voice chat, but understand if people don’t want to do that.

My first initiative is just to bring ‘Scribe’ back to life, and take my time learning the more technical nuances of the project.

Thank you for the space to have this conversation, and I’m looking forward to submitting a killer AZ proposal in July!

Roreford (Scribe)

Hey @Roreford

Glad to see you around. You can start checking the website and reading the Whitepaper. It’s a good start to gradually understand all the tech and why the network was designed this way.

I can answer your questions over here or we can start a chat for easier communication.


Thank you! I’ll start studying.