Youtube Video Contest - Due 11 Feb 2024

Zenon Network Community Video Contest


Submit a short video that describes Zenon Network and what makes it unique from all other blockchains. The contest is inspired by this question on Telegram.

Videos can be submitted in any form: youtube, mp4, animated gif, etc…


Videos are due in three weeks: 11 February 2024.


The winning video will receive 150 ZNN. Also, we will submit a pull request to the official twitter account (@zenon_network) in hopes we can tweet out the winning video.


There will be a community vote on this forum to select the winning video. We will implement manual anti-sybil techniques if stuff goes haywire.

AZ Reimbursement

If this contest is successful and gets multiple submissions we will request reimbursement from AZ, but only if we get at least 3 high quality submissions. In the meantime, I would like another pillar to split the 150 znn reward with me. And if we get reimbursed by AZ you will receive your contribution back. @tapwoot LFG.

We are not going to debate an AZ at this time because we will only submit for one under the conditions above.

Blast from the Past

Basis of Idea

On 1/21/23 Kaspa launched a Youtube video contest. The community raised 20K $KAS from two community members. On 1/21/23 that was worth $120 USD. Today it’s worth $2000 USD. Several community members created youtube videos and they are published here. Some are better than others, but the point is the community came together to work on a fun project. Looks like they got 6 submissions.

I want to point out this video submission. This person made an effort. And he made mistakes too. Look at the community response below the video. They did not roast him and politely pointed out the mistakes. I think we can learn from this behavior.

Here are a few more examples:

Source: Kaspa Discord Chat

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keen but do you think 150$ in znn is enough incentive for a high quality video from someone who understands the tech to give their time?

Well I was using Kaspa as the example. what are you thinking? We could also increase the reward for each high quality video that is submitted.

3 videos = X
4 videos = X + 50
5 videos = X + 100

Up to some number. I’m game for anything

150 ZNN, my mistake I read it wrong. I’ll let you decide on the amount and can go halves

Sharing some ideas. This is sort of funny.

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Another example, but a different topic: Zenon Network Syrius Wallet Explained

We have our first submission:


Video Submission #2

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can we still have a day to submit entries?

I recommend you submit. I think we need to stick with the original rules, but I think we can get more donations for a good video.

Will get to it right away and submit ASAP

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Third Submission

Just sent the link in telegram and tagged you ser

Fourth Submission. I will be putting up a voting page later today. Submissions are now closed. Thank you very much for everyone who participated. I’m very excited about the all the submissions.

Was this video meant for the video competition? It’s pretty cool. I’m going to setup the vote today.

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I was late and didn’t want to impose. If you can include it I’ll be grateful!

I also made this one at the same time. I started creating and ended up forking into two vibes: