Zenon Network Video Contest Voting

We had an awesome turnout of video submissions for the Zenon Network Video Contest. Now it up to the community to review and select your favorite video. The results are anon and I’ll be looking for sybil attacks manually. The winner will receive 150 ZNN and I hope we can get additional donations for the second and third place results. Submissions are listed in the order we received them.

Please note, contestants can make corrections / upgrades to their video during the voting period. Feel free to point our any discrepancies or inaccuracies in the submissions.

Voting will close 22 Feb 24 at 5PM UTC.

Select your favorite video from the list below.

  • Submission 1
  • Submission 2
  • Submission 3
  • Submission 4
  • Submission 5
  • Submission 6
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Submission 1

Donation Address: z1qrjsje53ur5u54gwcsynwvhcjndzmp6s58nd5m

Submission 2

Donation Address: z1qzzp6rwyevzqymatjxx2yaak652wx702l8gq9a

Submission 3

Donation Address: z1qzflgrcem8y8fsatfpz8g8cf8gfxl3ugp7tt2f

Submission 4 (Updated 22 Feb)

Donation Address: z1qp45yhqaykmlpd6r55yya860qemsvjhv9cpdva

Submission 5

Donation Address: z1qqpytylduhpk4lh5rvarzwqyltaa4fz90lp45p

Submission 6

Donation Address: z1qqpytylduhpk4lh5rvarzwqyltaa4fz90lp45p