Let the Twitter Gamez Begin


In the spirit of FAFO, @sol and I (mostly sol) have been working on a Twitter project to incentivize the community to create and post high quality tweets about Zenon Network (NoM). The goal is to increase awareness of NoM and onboard new community members and software developers.

This project is run by grants from the community. We plan to run the first phase (test period) for 2 months. We cannot track conversions or the value of our work. If we see new community members and/or increased engagement, we will consider this test a “success”.

Explain the Game

We are going to run NoM awareness campaigns on Twitter for the next two months. Each campaign will last seven days. Users can join the game by making a post with the hashtag #ZenonNetwork. Any post with this hashtag will be entered into the competition. It’s also possible to change the hashtag in future campaigns.

Each post will be graded and given an awareness score algorithmically. The score uses the twitter API and will be updated periodically throughout the day. The scoring system is closed source to prevent gaming and spamming. The score takes into account impressions, likes, retweets, and qualities of the poster’s profile. Post scores are added up for each user during the campaign. The users with the highest scores will win.

If you are not in the top three users during the campaign, you can still win $znn. All users outside the top three are entered into a raffle. Each user is given raffle tickets based on the score of their tweets. The bot will then pick a winning raffle ticket.

Potential Awards

1st place = 50 ZNN
2nd place = 35 ZNN
3rd place = 25 ZNN
Raffle = 50 ZNN

In the event of a tie in score the total reward for the top 3 places (110 $znn) will get prorated across 4 winners

How to Play

Make a post on twitter with #ZenonNetwork. That’s it. @0x3639 on twitter will DM you for a ZTS address to send rewards.

Game Considerations

  • The top 21 tweets per user will count during the campaign period. If you make more than 21 posts, we only count your top 21.
  • Your profile score will go up if you have #ZNN, #QSR, $ZNN and/or $QSR in your twitter profile.
  • You may also include Attribute links in your posts and profile to increase your score.
  • Retweets, quotes, likes, and impressions improve the original post score.
  • You can quote tweet with the hashtag #ZenonNetwork and that post will count towards the overall score.
  • Posts must be 40 characters or longer to be considered.
  • Account age is important to prevent bots and spam.
  • A base level of impressions is important to prevent bots and spam. Posts that are spam with no reach will get a score of zero.
  • Each campaign will last 7 days unless otherwise specified.
  • All of the above is subject to change. Check the Telegram bot commands for the most accurate information.

Game Tools

  • Join the Telegram Twitter Gamez Notices channel to get notified when a campaign stars and ends. Notifications will include the post hashtag criteria for the contest.
  • Visit the Telegram Twitter Gamez Bot to check your status. The data will be refreshed every 30 minutes.

Bot Commands
channel link

display current campaign details

description of scoring calculation

top users in the current campaign

/username @username
campaign data for any Twitter handle


This is epic!!

Might I suggest we start referencing “WebZ” instead of “NoM” (hashtag or not)

It’s up to the individual but I think it draws more curiosity at top-of-funnel than NoM


I’m up for that. Is it clear to everyone what WebZ is?

looks like all the webz.com, .org, .net are taken. Does @mehowz have any?

Came from forums:

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Amazingly just snagged webZ.network