Two New Twitter Maintainers

I would like to propose adding two new maintainers to the @zenon_network twitter account on Github. These maintainers will be able to review, approve and reject tweet requests.

Proposed New Maintainers


Both of these community members have been involved with Zenon for years and have proven to be level headed and constructive. They both administer Discord and the Main Telegram channel.

Current Maintainers

Today the maintainer are.

However, Zen-DAO is not active so we only have three “active” maintainers.


  • YES - Add them as Maintainers
  • NO - Do NOT add them as Maintainers
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To Tweet or Not to Tweet

We’ve previously discussed and voted on whether or not to tweet without brand guidelines. That discussion and vote took place here. 62% of respondents felt we should continue posting from @zenon_network in the same fashion as before and adjust after we have community Brand Standards.

By adding new maintainer we can hopefully review, discuss, and approve tweets quickly. For example, @coinselor submitted the following tweet request yesterday. I hope by adding more maintainers tweets like this can get approved or rejected in a timely fashion.

Going forward, all tweets will still require two maintainer to review and approve. And, if a maintainer submits a tweet, they cannot also approve it.


Zashu and Sugoi have both been here for years, are passionate about Zenon and have always been very calm and professional as admins and moderators – they’re excellent candidates.

Sugoi has also made a big commitment to the network with erecting his Outlawz pillar, which is great to see. I hope Zashu one day erects one as well. He might not tell us when he does, but if I see one called “of blue light” I’ll be drawing some conclusions :sunglasses:


Yup, I agree with that. I’ve been here for a long time and since I’ve been here they’ve always been pragmatic, calm and helpful to the people who join Zenon and always with a positive attitude :fire::muscle:t3:


Thanks guys. I just added @sugoibtc and @Zashounet given the strong support so far. Thanks everyone for participating.