Network State Conference Sponsorship AZ Temp Check

Will make this concise and get a temp check for AZ submission.

build_republic is hosting an all-day Building Network States conference on March 1st during ETH Denver at a venue that is walking distance from the main ETH Denver venue.

Planned attendance for Network State Conference is approx 120 to include the panelists and speakers which include the likes of founders and VCs such as Anirudh Pai (Dragonfly), Dryden Brown (Praxis), Prasanna Sankar (Rippling/0xPPL), to name a few.

Per @Shazz own narrative deck for Zenon, the vision of NoM is “Bitcoin Powered Network States”

As such, we are looking for a singular sponsor for this conference and think this is an excellent opportunity for Zenon to align with the Network State thesis in an IRL setting (A Zenon-first as far as I’m aware at least at this scale).

Ticket sales will cover the cost of the venue alone but we are looking to go above and beyond to ensure the people attending are left with a last impression of the possibility of Network States, how build_republic can help power them, and how Zenon is the infrastructure layer for them.

We would like to propose Zenon as the primary (and only) sponsor of the conference. This sponsorship could include, but would not be limited to:

-A dedicated 15-30 minute presentation on Zenon & NoM
-A dedicated booth
-Co-branding of the event
-The ZNN-BTC logo created by @mehowz printed on several banners/flags/etc. hosted throughout the venue plus handouts for every attendee
-Dedicated social and e-mail distribution to attendees
-Invites to all VCs for a follow-on presentation on Zenon/NoM
-Open to more suggestions but tl;dr it would be very clear who is sponsoring the Network State event.

Our ask would be for 50K QSR from AZ to cover costs to ensure event has amenities listed above and additional event costs above and beyond the venue (food, drinks, extension for a social hour, etc.)

Posting poll here and submit A-Z if 2/3 Yes votes. Will only respond to thoughtful questions, comments, feedback, etc.

If event is well received and provides brand lift (and subsequent PA) for Zenon, can consider hosting another one at BTC Conference in Nashville this year.

Would you support a 50K QSR request to sponsor the Building Network States conference?

  • Yes
  • No
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You have my vote, zir!

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I’m supportive of it

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Pretty small ask imo

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Who’s making the presentation?

I don’t know how to use AZ to vote

Yes from me - If we do this it would be nice to add something re the sponsorship being funded via AZ and other funding use cases. People may find that intriguing


It’s amazing to see this support, thank you all to those who voted so far.

To answer your question @DrD3, a founding member from build_ can give a presentation that would take a lot of inspiration from @Shazz’s deck as that is the prevailing narrative for the community at the moment. But am also open to a member from community giving a presentation should they feel comfortable.

On a separate note, given the support from the poll, was speaking with @Shazz earlier about the alternative of doing a fundraiser outside of AZ in order to preserve AZ funds and just raise in USDC which is what is needed for vendor payments anyways (also would eliminate sell pressure of QSR though we would be careful here). $50 from 110 people aliens would do the trick…


Should we proceed with AZ submission or a USDC fundraiser for $5500 (the approx USD equivalent of original ask)?

  • I would support an AZ submission for a 50K QSR event sponsorship
  • I would support a $5500 USDC fundraise outside of A-Z for the sponsorship
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Yes, that could be part of presentation, it’s one of our favorite topics to bring up and one of the first referrals we give to projects looking for funding who come into the build_republic

Start a fundraiser. Use AZ to suppliment if fundraiser isn’t enough

Org is offering the following package to increase value:

  • znBTC stickers for the event
  • A dedicated landing page using my framework as (or any domain of your choice) which recaps the Zenon offer for attendees in context of network states, and drives users to the 1% bonus, due diligence, buying, and ultimately participation. No opt-in forms, just pure buttons and links to drive them to the right places. Tracked with Attribute and a QR code can be made for the event so that users can land easily. Can have it deployed within 1 week if we collab on the content for the Zenon content/story.
  • The due diligence link(s) can be made to either/both .Org or .Network sites. There would be no other mention of Org or Network sites as the landing pages act as a new brand funnel to engage users into buying/participation.

Thank you for this support @mehowz, we will definitely block and tackle the most effective strategy with you.

Honestly, we believe the znBTC logo alone is the meme that will carry this project. Getting IRL exposure in the hands of a curated audience will plant the seed.

At build_ (with its inherent complexities), we typically see a 6-month lag between a new release and its comprehension/adoption by the audience.

We can take a lot of learnings from this one to then repeat in Nashville for BTC Conference if it goes well.

If this event is IRL testnet for Zenon, Nashville is IRL mainnet


There didn’t seem to be unwavering support for a USDC fundraiser so just submitted A-Z request.

Required minimum of 10 ZNN but otherwise it is 50K QSR request as originally stated.

Will start making arrangements accordingly assuming same results as original poll and make announcement upon passage of A-Z vote.

If you’d like to follow along with conference updates we are tweeting them @buildcities


Conference Complete

Highlights as follows:

Final schedule (several new high profile speakers added from time of original submission such as Erik Voorhees):

Postcards distributed to each chair thanks to @mehowz design and funnel:

15-min presentation of Zenon. Credit to @Stark for the recording. Will have another recording once all footage is returned from professional A/V service.

We have an e-mail list of over 186 total registrants (sold 25 more the morning of) that we will be including another sponsored Zenon post along with the social mentions.

Had several inquiries about Zenon from, investors, content producers, and the head of ecosystem development at Prospera, a special Economic Zone that he was mentioning has a sizable BTC community to tap into who seemed particularly intrigued.

There was a booth with some of the same material we had printed but all the booths did not have a ton of traffic in the first place.

Events are messy but we have already been invited to do a similar event in ETH Dublin and Token 2049 in Dubai.

Leaning into planning another Network States event with head of TNS Connect (another network State Org and one of the moderators) for the BTC Conference in Nashville.

Overall the event was a huge success and could not emphasize enough the importance of IRL green-pilling. While we did not originally account for a full recording of the event, we were able to sell enough tickets in coupling with this sponsorship to cover an entire A/V recording of the event which we can leverage the content from throughout the year (including the znBTC logo on the screen in the background that we can also edit in to it)

Thank you all for your support on this endeavor and Zenon’s meatspace debut.

We will be submitting our entire Phase I completion request in A-Z and also would like to split the QSR proceeds as follows for fellow alien supporters:

@georgezgeorgez - 3000 QSR for preparing and giving presentation
@mehowz - 3000 QSR for BTC States asset generation and funnel setup
@coinselor - 2000 QSR for creating a very detailed Syrius walkthrough video (we have not leveraged this yet but will be helpful for onboarding into Syrisu)
@Stark - 200 QSR for creating a quality screen recording of the presentation

Remainder to build_republic for event cost coverage.



Great turnaround. I’m a proponent of funding more such sponsorships / initiatives


Great job to everyone. Congrats!


Congrats @build_republic

The 3000 QSR attributed to me was not expected. I will therefore have it pooled into the HyperGrowth Pillar fund for marketing ad spend / development.

Recap of Attribute metrics for the funnel: Network State Conference Sponsorship - Attribute Recap - Marketing - Forum


Since the Building Network State event success in Denver, we’ve been approached to either host or co-host a similar event style at several global conferences already to include Token 2049 Dubai, ETHDublin, and Consensus in Austin.

The Token 2049 Dubai side event is a smaller gathering that is being fronted by our co-host Logos

ETHDublin is also being fronted by the host and we have been offered both a keynote speaker slot and partnership banner.

Consensus in Austin is more of a grassroots effort with but lower expectations for the attendees.

Point being is that there is clear momentum for this narrative and event series where we get to be out front in shaping it (and thus Zenon alignment).

We’d like to capitalize on this further and wanted to get another temp check on an extended Network State event series.

The ask would be for a full 5K ZNN + 50K QSR AZ sponsorship request which would then cover an entire annual 2024 budget (and potentially then some depending on market price).

The release of funds would be by phase documented by a full list of receipts to account for the variability of event costs and logistics. Some examples as follows:

  • Network State Event 1: Co-hosted, build_ responsible for venue only; $2K costs; Phase creation for $2K worth of ZNN and/or QSR with link to all receipts

  • Network State Event 2: Co-hosted, no financial responsibility required for build: no receipts = no phase creation

  • Network State Event 3: 100% build_hosted, $4K venue + $3K food; Phase creation for $7K worth of ZNN and/or QSR with link to all receipts.

Not all events will necessarily be “network state-oriented”, some may take the form of smaller gatherings of VIPs, etc. One of the other events that we are planning this year is a global CivicTech hackathon (10 cities, 10+ hacker houses, virtual panels/speakers hosted in build) that will actually be lesser overhead than IRL events but really demonstrate the capabilities of what we are building.

Regardless, we will exercise best judgment to maximize value for our respective endeavors in a way that is flexible and efficient.

Zenon placements could include, but not limited to, all the placements we conducted at ETH Denver and I’m sure can be further refined as we evolve.

We think this is as good of a time as any to cement the BTC <> Zenon <> Network State narrative as it is a powerful one and gets the attention of some of the most frontier operators and investors in crypto. As such, wanted to get another temp check:

Would you support a full AZ sponsorship submission that is released in phases on a per-event basis (with receipt documentation)? One Phase = One Event.

  • Yes
  • Yes (with modifications - see replies)
  • No
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Amazing to hear that you are making waves in the industry! I support this initiative fully.

If these events will occur on a more frequent basis, I was wondering if it would be possible to create content for post-event marketing to create more awareness. Topics such as:

  • Recap videos
  • Good quality photos of the conferences / highlighting NoM
  • Blog posts (?)

Yes, that is the plan. Currently in the process of editing all the footage from the first event and hosting it in the platform. You’ll notice we’ve been posting highlight reels on our X account for now.