Combined SDK and znn-cli Updates (.NET and Dart)

Project Name:
Combined SDK and znn-cli Updates (.NET and Dart)

Both SDKs and znn-cli have been updated to support all the protocol changes since Alphanet was launched.

This includes:

  • HLTC, Spork, Bridge, Liquidity (embedded contracts)
  • BigInt (type change for variables that handle transaction amounts)

.NET: SDK v0.6.6 and znn-cli v0.3.3
Dart: SDK v0.0.5 and znn-cli v0.0.5

Since we collaborated on these changes, both sets of projects were updated in similar manners.

Team: @CryptoFish, @sol


Total Requested Funding = 5K ZNN and 50K QSR
Project Duration = +200 hours

How did you calculate your budget?

Each of us have spent over 100 hours updating these projects, testing, and reviewing each other’s work.


  • CryptoFish: 2,500 ZNN and 25,000 QSR
  • Sol Sanctum: 2,500 ZNN and 25,000 QSR


Our work can be found in the following Github branches/PRs:


Sol Sanctum

  • znn-sdk-dart

    • PR #5 - v0.0.5
      • Support for: HTLC, Spork, Liquidity, Bridge
  • znn_cli_dart

    • PR #12 - v0.0.5
      • Refactored to align with the znn_cli_csharp
      • Added support for HTLC, Spork, Bridge, Liquidity contracts
        • Added admin and guardian functions (Bridge/Liquidity)
      • Added ability to donate to AZ and query Stats RPC
      • Added chainId option (default, auto, manual)
      • Updated menu, including an admin-only menu
        • Updated verbose flag to display a brief description for commands
        • Updated help flag to display all options for a category
      • Updated Makefile: bugfix + support for Windows

Technical Debt



Thank you guys for all your hard work. You deserve this and much more IMO.


Yes from me!

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