Migrate Ledger Repos to zenon-network on Github

@CryptoFish is making good progress on the ledger AZ. Given the importance and potential security concerns, he is recommending that we migrate the ledger repos to the official Zenon Network repo - Zenon - Network of Momentum · GitHub.

There are 3 repos in question:

Separately, @CryptoFish was asking about what to do with the following repos he maintains at {H}yperCore One · GitHub


  1. Do any developers object to moving the three ledger repos to /zenon-network?
  2. I would like to propose the following maintainers to be consistent with zenon_sdk_dart: @aliencoder @CryptoFish @sol @vilkris Does anyone object or want to add maintainers?
  3. My recommendation was to leave the sdk_csharp and cli_csharp repos at HC1 for the time being, but wanted to make sure everyone had an opportunity to discuss that. Any thoughts on this?
  1. No objection – the code is well written, documented, and integrates with several other repos under that org.
  2. I don’t have any nominations at this time
  3. I’m undecided. Is CryptoFish asking to migrate these to zenon_network?

Yes, indeed. I’ve asked 0x because I cannot migrate the repos. I think it is better if all related repos reside under the zenon-network org. Together with the sdk and cli.

The same counts for the ledger-app-zenon repo. We haven’t received an official review yet from Ledger, but I can imagine they would like some kind of prove it belongs to zenon-network.
I don’t think it matters much for the developer mode, but eventually I think it should be officially recognised by zenon-network.
Moving it now only confuses things, so I propose to wait for a reply from Ledger first, before moving the ledger-app-zenon repo.


I fully support @CryptoFish.


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I’m fine with moving all six repos to zenon network. They are all well maintained and documented so I think zenon network is a suitable home for them.

I propose to wait for @sol to finish his Nano S+ tests and migrate the ledger_ffi_rs and znn_ledger_dart repos. This will put all the dart sdk/cli related repos in once place, before release of v0.0.6.

The other repos can wait for the moment.

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Cool - Let me know when we are ready and I’ll start the migration.

The ledger_ffi_rs and znn_ledger_dart repositories have been successfully migrated to the zenon-network organization.