Dev Coordination Meeting #1 - Agenda DRAFT

In anticipation of our 1 hour meeting next week to coordinate dev activities, let’s work on an agenda for the meeting to keep us on track. I’ve enabled the wiki post function so anyone can edit this post. The “priority” and lists below are just to start a conversation. They are for us to agree on so please don’t assume I’m setting them. Feel free to change them and/or comment. Also if you want your name added / removed from a line please make that change.

  • Opening Remarks (0x)
  • Discuss developer communications (0x)
    – Should devs use one place to communicate with each other (TG, Discord, Rocket Chat, Matrix, Signal, etc)
    – Should devs communicate with the community in one place (TG, Discord, etc)
  • Road Map to Phase I (Priority & Interested Dev). The goal of this discussion is to identify the road map tasks, interested parties, and the priority order. Network upgrades:
    — PTLCs - (George)
    — Governance - (George)
    — Layer-2 solutions - (Alien Coder & Sumamu)
    — Audit & Fuckery (Sol & ??)
    – Dynamic/Adaptive Plasma - (George?)
    – Sentinel support - (TBD)
    – libp2p layer - (TBD)
    – Bridge Governance (Sumamu)
    — Narwhal and Tusk - (TBD)
    — IBD with zk proofs (ZeroSync) - (TBD)
    — Consensus upgrade - (TBD)
    Interoperability Solutions / Other
    — Syrius support on mobile/browser - (Dr. Blaze)
    — Hardware wallet support - (Crypto Fish)
    — SYRIUS Improvements - (Vilkris, Sol, Alien)
    — NFT Std (Sol & Vlikris?)
    — Docs