Discussion - AZ for SYRIUS v0.0.6

DRAFT for Review & Comment

@aliencoder Please see the [INSERT] for your section. Can you please estimate your hours?

@sol @vilkris @CryptoFish Please review and comments below.

@0x3639’s contribution to SYRIUS v0.0.6

  • Rented @sol a cloud mac computer for 2 months at $100 per month.
  • Spent approximately 5 hours testing various builds, building versions of SYRIUS with @sol, tested the .dmg creation tool (before @aliencoder automated with GhA)

Summary = $200 + 5 Hours

sol_sanctum’s contribution to SYRIUS v0.0.6

  • 1 hour - Dynamic chain identifier
  • 1 hour - Updated Community links + icons
  • 2 hours - Second undelegate widget
    • Technical debt: I was planning to re-write this code based on Vilkris’ feedback
  • 2 hours - Updated UI for multiple address + node select widgets
    • Technical debt: based on user feedback, some parts will need to be updated in the future due to poor visibility for certain elements
  • 2 hours - Github actions Release info - tag, message
  • 30 hours (probably more) - Implemented Linux support
  • 30 hours (probably more) - Updated build process to dynamically copy libs to correct output
  • 30 hours (probably more) - Updated MacOS .dmg background image
    • Assisted by 0x, Layiid, and Aliencoder

Conservative estimate: ~100 hours in 2022
Some of that time was spent learning about Dart/Flutter/Zenon

Summary = 100 Hours

CryptoFish’s contribution to SYRIUS v0.0.6

Zenon CLI for .NET

Not counting reseach, learning, following the community etc I’ve spend effectivly 28 hours on coding the currently submitted PR’s.

[x] = merged in main repo
[ ] = open

Summary = 28 Hours

aliencoder & Mik3Mast3rs contribution to SYRIUS v0.0.6

Summary = [INSERT] Hours

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Like I said before, I don’t know how to evaluate my part fairly
I’m open to ideas.

Here’s one: distribute the sum of funds equally.

Suggestion for the AZ request: 3k/30k - 5k/50k

I personally feel like you (we) should all be compensated fairly, not a fraction of some number to fit within 5000 / 50000. Let’s see @aliencoder’s estimated hours. Maybe this is two AZs.