AZ for SYRIUS v0.2.0

Project Name:
SYRIUS v0.2.0

This update contains the hardware support for Ledger and multiple improvements and bug fixes that have been developed collaboratively by our developers.

Below a complete list of all changes:


  • Hardware wallet support for Ledger
  • Disable autoreceive feature
  • WalletConnect refactor
  • Community public nodes
  • Seperate plasma from sync
  • Updated charts
  • Reword Send Payment to Send
  • Position receive widget address above amount
  • Delay starting Embedded Node until confirmed
  • Reset words when verify incorrect seed
  • Change AZ pillar owner filters
  • Load community nodes from assets

Bug fixes

  • Fix wrapping of Pillar revocation time text
  • Update app_links and ignore incoming links on Linux
  • Fix FormatException when trying to fuse a large amount
  • Fix receive amount formatting and QrInputTooLongException
  • Fix sentinel detection on a disassembled sentinel address


  • Manual test cases
  • Manual test runs

The developers have agreed to submit one AZ for all the time and effort they put into realizing this release.

This AZ includes the following:

  • Migrating alienc0der’s v0.0.7 master branch into separate PRs
  • Implementing features and bug fixes, see post for the complete list of included PRs
  • Reviewing and testing PRs
  • Preparing manual test cases for community testing
  • Bug bounty program for incentivizing community testing

This AZ does not include:



Total Requested Funding = 4000 ZNN and 35000 QSR
Project Duration = >2 months

How did you calculate your budget?
This project is calculated using roughly 25/250 ZNN/QSR per hour.
@0x3639 = 250/2500
@aliencoder = 150/1500
@CryptoFish = 2500/25000
@vilkris = 450/4500
@sol = 150/1500
Bounty program = 500 ZNN *

*) Note that the remaining funds of the bounty program will be donated back to the AZ funds.



  • Reviewing and testing PRs - 10 hours


  • Reviewing and testing PRs


  • Migrating alienc0der’s v0.0.7 master branch into separate PRs - 24 hours
  • Implementing features and bug fixes - 44 hours
  • Reviewing and testing PRs - 18 hours
  • Preparing manual test cases for community testing - 14 hours
  • Community testing


  • Reviewing and testing PRs - 18 hours


  • Reviewing and testing PRs

The AZ project has been submitted for voting.

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The payout phase for the AZ project has been submitted. Thank you!


The AZ has been paid and the following funds have been send to the contributers.

theta aquarii




Dr Greenthumb

  • 200 ZNN for syrius promo video


  • 450/4500 ZNN/QSR


  • 2500/25000 ZNN/QSR

AZ donation (see TX)

  • Remaining bounty program (500 - 345 = 155 ZNN)

Pending: (waiting for address)

@aliencoder = 150/1500
@sol = 150/1500


thank you very much @CryptoFish for all your hard work on this upgrade. it’s been a pleasure working with you and everyone else that helped make this upgrade possible.

I miss you @sol !!!