Syrius 0.2.0

The following pull requests have been created for review for the upcoming Syrius 0.2.0 release and are currently being reviewed by our developers. Once reviewed and accepted they will be merged into the develop branch. A release candidate, accompanied by appropriate test cases, is released to the community for testing once all changes have been merged. A final release will be published when no further issues are found.

It is possible that some PRs won’t be merged for reasons stated in the PR itself. These will either be rejected or delayed until further notice.

P.S. although all the PRs were opened by me, the work came together through a collective effort of our developers. Special thanks go out to @aliencoder @vilkris @0x3639 @sol @georgezgeorgez


Excellent work, good job team :hugs:!

Would also like to bring to everyone’s attention how AZ’s phase voting is displayed in syrius, as it might need a slight modification so that it’s easier for users to find phases that require their attention. Currently, you need to go hunt for the “phase needs voting” tag.

I think a larger CTA where the usual YES/NO/ABSENT buttons for voting proposals appear would be in order, as well as maybe a filter that works with phases. Voting opened filter does not work for phases.


Thank you all, guys. You are the ones who make this project better.

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Good point, I’ll look into it and make an issue for it.

@0x3639 liked those changes. I agree we can come up with better icons, but I wanted to differentiate between Plasma and the status of the node.

@coinselor please look at PR for a solution.

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