Ethereum Helios Light Client

I’m going to keep testing this: GitHub - a16z/helios: A fast, secure, and portable light client for Ethereum

Helios is a fully trustless, efficient, and portable Ethereum light client written in Rust.

Helios converts an untrusted centralized RPC endpoint into a safe unmanipulable local RPC for its users. It syncs in seconds, requires no storage, and is lightweight enough to run on mobile devices.

The entire size of Helios’s binary is 5.3Mb and should be easy to compile into WebAssembly. This makes it a perfect target to embed directly inside wallets and dapps.

So you can sign up for Alchemy for free. It’s a centralized node. Then run the Helios to convert the untrusted RPC into a trusted RPC. Maybe I can add this to the Docker setup for orchestratorNode