Bitcoin Light Clients

I’ve played with Neutrino, a light client written in Go for Bitcoin.

It’s a library used by the lnd lightning network node.

We can integrate it into NoM and unlock more use cases such as P2P swaps for example.

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Another Bitcoin light client worth watching:


I’ve fully synced the nakamoto light client on Bitcoin mainnet in under 20 minutes on a Macbook with M2 Pro.

You’ll need Rust installed on your system. Steps to run the binary:

git pull
cd nakamoto
cargo build --release
cd target/release/


Could we use something like this run in the side chain that will work with SYRIUS and the P2P work @vilkris is exploring with BTC atomic swaps?

This took about 2 seconds to load.

Neutrino seems like a viable candidate for a LN node. Its fast header sync and GetUtxo function are valuable properties for our context.
Can nakamoto perform similar queries on L1?

Yes because it only proves/verifies the block headers. Nothing more, nothing less.

But we’ll keep an eye on them.

It is already integrated as a library in lnd. We can integrate it pretty easily in go-zenon.

nakamoto is the same thing. A library written in Rust. From what I’ve tested so far, it’s faster than Neutrino.

No only that, but you can also send transactions through it.