AMM for BRC20 on NoM or ext chain. Ideas

I’m posting this after seeing quite a lot of seed / private rounds for low quality projects pretending to solve the BRC20 UX by providing an Uniswap-like experience to users. Most of them are straight out not working and the few that actually works are half CEXs as all the logic happens offchain.

Given the BRC20 structure - Ordinals + centralized indexers - I was wondering if this could be useful and interesting: Move the AMM on the ext-chain (or NoM) and do the settlement on BTC. This means we can move Instriptions from Bitcoin to our chain or abstract away that part so it’s transparent for the user. Does this make sense? I mean, there’s an obvious issue here so maybe we can solve it and leverage this to step into the BTC nascent ecosystem. Foor for thoughts.


This is a really good idea. There is going to be a mass exodus of creators and communities from Bitcoin (and a mass inflow of use and liquidity).

As the full power and scope of Bitcoin continues to be realized the fees are going to be stratospheric.

The problem is that community creators and all have all been orange-pilled and they don’t want to go back to centralized chains.

The solution is the green pill.

That’s not true, a lot of them are aware of the issues and know very well that a better UX would make them succeed.

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Agree. I edited my message to clarify.

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Love this!

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Pino is the Pipe protocol and more.

No thanks