Galactica zkKYC <> NoM Extension Chain Interoperability

In order to realize the full vision of build_republic, we will need to be able to be able to conduct proof of personhood primarily for fair distribution of dividends and governance integrity.

Many solutions are tackling this space:

Gitcoin Passport
Proof of Humanity
Standard KYC providers (least ideal)

We were recently introduced to Galactica which is currently in DevNet and has a pretty clean approach to zkKYC. As an EVM on Cosmos, it got us thinking about how we could potentially use their zkKYC while simultaneously leveraging the NoM extension chain which as we understand is also built on Cosmos.

Any ideas or takers to assist with feasibility research about how to integrate this kind of stack?

Also of note that Galactica and Zenon are #1 and #2 respectively on the Network State Dashboard so this alignment could also help compound growth efforts.


If they’re using Cosmos SDK, NoM’s Supernova extension-chain and Galactica will be interoperable out-of-the-box.


This is good to know. Will engage them more on this implementation.

To be continued…