How to Add Liquidity in the wZNN / ETH Pool on Uniswap

How to add liquidity to the wZNN / ETH Pool

Step 1 - Download SYRIUS v0.0.7 from the AlienC0der repo.

  • Daily builds can be found here: Release v0.0.7 · alienc0der/syrius · GitHub
  • Either sync the SYRIUS embeded node or connect to a public node: wss://
  • Note: SYRIUS v0.0.7 supports big int and if you select a public node, it must support big int.

Step 2 - Install Metamask

  • If you need help, google “How to install Metamask”
  • IMPORTANT Change the default RPC in Metamask to use flashbots so you can avoid getting rekt by MEV bots. Follow these simple instructions: quick start | Flashbots Docs
  • STOP If you skipped the step above, stop, read the step above, and follow the instructions.

Step 3 - Watch the Video Below

  • You can follow this video. It explains exactly how to install SYRIUS and how to add & stake liquidity on NoM.

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