Hypercore Public RPC Nodes

Public RPC Nodes

The following Public RCP Nodes are operated by trusted community members. The node are a convenience for accessibility at the cost of trustlessness. Verify don't trust.

Public RPC Nodes ( websocket) | s y r i u s wallet

Public RPC Nodes (https)

  • https://my.hc1node.com:35997 | Check Status
  • https://node.zenonhub.io:35997 | Check Status
  • https://node.atsocy.com:35997

Legacy Public RPC Nodes - For (s y r i u s) v0.0.6 and lower and legacy pillar exchanges ONLY

  • wss://legacy.hc1node.com:35998
  • https://legacy.hc1node.com:35997

What are WebSockets and how do they differ from HTTP?

WebSockets are a bidirectional communication protocol that maintains a network connection between a server and a client. Unlike HTTP, with WebSockets clients don’t need to continuously make requests when they want information.

The s y r i u s wallet uses a websocket connection. wss indicates a secure connection, while ws is insecure.

What is a Public RPC Node?

TLDR: Public RPC nodes are a convenience provided by the community to quickly access network data. There are certain risks to be aware of when connecting to public rpc nodes.

To learn more read this post about the difference between a Public Node and Public RPC Node.