Phase Out TG Main Discussion

As we move towards delivering Phase I, I think the community should consider the possibility of phasing out the Telegram Main channel. This is a community run and owned project and I think the community should build and run channels around things that interest them. Or around Pillar activity that community members support. We are slowly doing this already with all the channels we have today.

I think we need the main channel now to coordinate and disseminate information about the project. But as we grow and build communities my hope is we can phase out the channel. Maybe we archive the conversations and provide links from Main to new channels run by the community.

Just throwing this out there for discussion. Obviously this is a community decision and something that will take a long time to work through.

Yeah I’m in favor at the right time.

I propose a vote for someone to take explicit ownership of the channel.

Make their own rules, whatever. Total ownership.

Candidates should be nominated.

With that, I nominate 0x.