Project: Zenon Ledger App

Can’t really think of many. Maybe check Komodo wallet. There’s a '21 thread about claiming user rewards with Ledger/Trezor.

Thanks, will check it out.

The Ledger desktop wallet. Check this Nano Ledger Dart library.

I do not have experience with another wallet app that integrates with Ledger. However, intuitively, the idea of a popup window or new window to handle the ledger connection or signing message makes more sense to me.

The ledger is a 3rd party app so the idea of a dialog box popping up to access an external devices just makes sense. Also, if you need to go looking for a native notification it could be frustrating for users. So long as the popup box looks and feels like the syrius experience, my vote would be to use a dialog box. I like them in the ledger live app.

That’s what I initially thought too, but in retrospect it is better to use Syrius existing notification mechanism.

Better to rework the error handling and notification system as a whole, instead of implementing two separate mechanisms…

I have now completed a working implementation that includes all the features mentioned using the existing notification system. I’m currently writing some manual test cases while I wait for these two zenon-network/znn_sdk_Dart/PR #14 and hypercore-one/znn_ledger_dart/PR #6 to be approved.

Once approved, I’ll write a PR for the Syrius work.


Work on the Ledger Wallet integration for Syrius has been finished.

I’ve opened a PR for merging the Hardware Support for Ledger in the Syrius develop branch.

We will work towards a release candidate once the changes of both the Ledger support and support for dust attacks are merged.

After that testing will start.


Payment for the Ledger Wallet integration for syrius has been submitted. The PR has recently been merged into the develop branch and will be released with Syrius v0.2.0.

The pending PR #6 for Zenon Dart CLI has been approved and will soon be merged to create release v0.0.6.

Final preperations for Syrius v0.2.0 are in progress.

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I’ve tested the ledger app with @CryptoFish and it works exactly as expected with no issues to report. This is well deserved funding.


Awesome work by @CryptoFish so far! Would be very nice to see Ledger Nano integration with the mobile wallet. It seems that this package supports BLE pairing with the Ledger Nano X.

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I’ve looked at the package, and it seems very suitable for the Mobile Wallet. It only needs the Zenon app APDU implementation. I’ll ask Dr Blaze if he wants to collaborate on this.


The Zenon CLI for Dart v0.0.6 has been released.

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The public release registration requires a companion wallet demonstration video. With Syrius v0.2.0 in the final stages of release, all was ready to create the demo.

We have upload both demo’s to YouTube for easy access. See below for the URLs:

Zenon Network s y r i u s companion wallet demonstration video for the Ledger Nano S

Zenon Network CLI Ledger Demo


Recently @aliengambler pointed out a pub cache issue with the znn_ledger_dart library.

It couldn’t find the znn_ledger_dart library when building the project straight from source. The dynamic lookup has been adjusted to include a pub cache search.

The updated library has been added to the CLI and the Zenon CLI for Dart v0.0.7 has been released.

Syrius will include the new version of the znn_ledger_dart library on its next release.

I’ve discovered a bug in the Ledger app. Sending a tx amount with digits in the hundredths or more place resulted in an app crash.

After some investigation it turned out to be a bug in the BOLOS environment of Ledger. The BOLOS impl. of the snprintf function does not support zero left-padding with the width sub-specifier.

The details can be read in PR #15

An alternative method has been implemented and version 1.0.4 has been released.

I’ve created a ticket on the Ledger Discord server for confirmation.