Welcome to the Interstellar: a new Portal to BCH

This article has been in the works for a while, and we approached it by considering the questions we thought our community members would ask. Below, you’ll find a list of those questions. If you prefer a quick read, feel free to skip to the ones that catch your interest.

Who are we?

We are a team of elite engineers dedicated to tackling complex software projects and delivering comprehensive solutions. We have had the privilege of working on esteemed projects of the highest caliber, such as EOS, NMC, BCC…

How did we discover Zenon?

While seeking funding for our work on similar projects and reaching out to other cryptocurrency communities like Stacks, we stumbled upon Zenon’s Accelerator-Z funding program. Intrigued :money_mouth_face:, we started diving deeper into understanding Zenon. Eventually, we decided to participate in the Hyperspace program, which specifically calls for interoperability solutions. However, we subsequently became aware that another team had already obtained all the Hyperspace funds. As a result, we are now actively seeking to secure the funds from the remaining A-Z treasury.

What attracted us to Zenon?

Zenon provides us with the opportunity to build upon a promising network while being rewarded for our contributions. (In truth, it appears that Zenon Pillars has made unwise decisions, and our team strongly believes that we can effectively persuade them to release the A-Z funds, regardless of the amount.)

Why are we building on Zenon?

Having worked on similar coins before ( EOS, NMC, BCC ), we strongly believe that Zenon possesses significant growth potential in the VERY long term.

What are we building on Zenon?

We’re developing a comprehensive cross-chain solution that will facilitate the transfer of assets between Zenon and BCH ( Bitcoin-Cash ).

What will the Interstellar Technology accomplish?

Our innovative technology will enable seamless integration between Bitcoin-Cash and Zenon, allowing for native access to Bitcoin-Cash on the Zenon network and vice versa. Consider the realization of your long-awaited dream: a robust and efficient Bitcoin-Cash interoperability solution.

How are we building it?

Naturally, we’re coding it. However, prior to that, extensive research is being conducted, with much more yet to be done. We’ve also assigned various members of our team to the following tasks: researching existing interoperability solutions, understanding their limitations and flaws, familiarizing ourselves with the go-zenon codebase, and actively engaging with the community (we acknowledge room for improvement in this aspect).

What is the anticipated cost of implementing this technology?

The implementation of this technology is not expected to incur significant costs. We have carefully planned and strategized our approach to ensure an efficient and cost-effective solution. Rest assured that we are committed to providing a solution that offers excellent value without imposing a substantial financial burden. We will regularly share updates on our progress and milestones as we advance with the Accelerator projects. These updates will also include the necessary follow-up on R&D costs. Stay tuned for our ongoing communication and transparency regarding the project’s development and associated research and development expenses.

We appreciate your dedication in reading this post, which indicates your involvement in the ecosystem and your interest in its growth. We cordially invite you to stay updated on our progress and extend your support to our endeavors. Your engagement and support are invaluable to us as we work towards the advancement of the ecosystem.

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Starting with this post we’ll also be creating the first A-Z project and phase for covering the research we’ve done so far.

Why Bitcoin Cash?

Can we connect to BSV with this proposal? I’m all for it but only if you connect us to BSV.

Also, I would like to see a timeline of 36 to 69 months. Anything sooner, will disrupt my brain function.

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While the community eagerly awaits the long-awaited dream of Bitcoin interoperability, we firmly believe that BCH is the most viable option currently available to realize this aspiration. It serves as a promising starting point and a significant step towards achieving seamless Bitcoin interoperability. ( Consider this as a step closer to the Bitcoin Syrius tweet ).

You can consider this project as a foundation for a seamless integration of various Bitcoin forks. Once we achieve this milestone, our next objective will be achieving full interoperability with BSV and eventually BTC in the coming years. It’s worth mentioning that the process of porting this technology to other Bitcoin forks is relatively straightforward and entails minimal costs.

Interesting. That means Dog coin too. I might need to reconsider my No vote. I’ve always wanted to Swap $Dog <> $ZNN P2P.

How much fund do you need for this? 500k znn seem low for this


Some community members think this is a troll, and I’m wondering why we’ve got 6 NO votes. Do I have to be fat for my proposal to get accepted? Our dev team is already top-notch, even better than the so-called rockstars.

We’ll be revealing the expenses for this project and the funding we expect to receive from A Z for this cutting-edge Interstellar technology very soon. Stay tuned for the exciting updates!


let him cook

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I voted no because the proposal is insanely thin and Bitcoin Cash is a dead chain.

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Why start with a dead chain and offering Bitcoin interoperability only “in a few years” rather than immediately focusing on the only network that actually matters: Bitcoin?

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I think mouse is going to work on the BTC piece of the proposal after a few more years.