12 Seed Word Treasure Hunt

Let’s use this thread to document the 12 seed word treasure hunt created by the alphanet devs


Find the last 4 words to a seed phrase.

Seed Phrase:
oblige dilemma hurry disorder happy spoil shiver key
The last 4 words to the seed phrase are missing.

Resulting Address:




@zenon_network Tweet Nov 12, 2021

Day 2
Treasure hunt clue: Quantum computers can’t break it.

Solve the puzzle and get 4.745.134 $PP!
#AlphanetBigBang $ZNN $QSR

@zenon_network Tweet Nov 15, 2021

Day 4
Never doubt you can make history.
You already have.

bitcoin #Taproot $ZNN

@zenon_network Tweet Nov 14, 2021

Day 5
The key to bitcoin smart contracts is _______

Look for the final piece of the puzzle in block 709.632 to unlock the 4.745.134 $PP reward.

The winner takes it all!
#AlphanetBigBang $ZNN $QSR

@zenon_network Tweet Dec 11, 2021

Treasure hunt deadline

On 21st of December the $QSR quest prize will be burned.

:arrow_right: Recap the clues
:arrow_right: Be the first to find the missing words
:arrow_right: Secure the reward

@zenon_network Tweet Dec 23, 2021

The community decided to burn the 4.745,134 $QSR prize.

Quest address:

The mystery of the Taproot activation block remains unsolved until some brave #ZNNAliens will uncover the answer.



The nonce and password seem to be the only variables needed to decrypt the last puzzle.

// tVMd3L1CKM4wFmyxEEEUV2bYBynQtpeUyWTXKGTrGhdV2Q==
var cipherData = "0xb5531ddcbd4228ce30166cb11041145766d80729d0b69794c964d72864eb1a1755d9";
// vtv3f5aKY0jGQglP9a1AGw==
var salt = "0xbedbf77f968a6348c642094ff5ad401b";
// 4Fdzw1k=zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
var nonce = "0xe05773c35900000000000000";

var password = "taproot";

Are you just assuming the encryption algo used is AES-256?

Actually, I’m assuming a lot a things, but aes-256 would be the most logical choice if I had to pick one. But then again, it could be a lot of things.