Action Plan for Landing Page Update

I’ve identified some key areas for updating our website. Below are actionable tasks for each section to maintain our site’s functionality and keep users up-to-date. Let’s discuss here and suggest any additional items I might have missed.

Social Proof Section

  • Remove the non-functional BSC News link

Roadmap Section

  • Compile a list of upcoming milestones and integrate them into the roadmap display.

Compare with Other Networks Section

  1. Select networks we want to compare against
  2. Identify and list key metrics for comparison
  3. Design a responsive comparison table that aligns with our site’s aesthetics

Provide Liquidity Section

  • Remove “soon” label and add a link to the add liquidity section of the bridge website

Bug Bounties

  1. Draft a proposal for a structured bug bounty program and outline the budget and scope
  2. Remove soon label

Built by Aliens Section

  1. Add to the slider.
  2. Consider redesigning the slider for mobile view, it’s looking a bit crowded.
  3. Design a dedicated ecosystem page to be able to feature more additions in the future.

There should also be something like a feed or ticker showing code merge/protocol updates/releases etc. This could be used as a lower effort alternative or complementary timeline display to @0x3639 's monthly dev updates

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