Update Token Information

@sumamu can we update the token information to include the logo and socials? Only the owner of the contract can update this information.


If we don’t do this the Uniswap UI looks a little scammy.


Yes, on it!


@sumamu wanted to follow up on this request. I’m looking at our coinmarketcap presences and see we have been delisted.

I think we need to build out and update the contract info on etherscan. I’ve posted the token logo above. Let’s add the additional social links too.

Once that is done I can work on getting coinmarketcap updated.

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I’m getting to this next week. Tried to do it earlier, but they ask for some information I don’t have. I’ll share a screenshot with the form.


@sumamu wanted to check in on this request. Here are some instructions. Only the contract owner can add socials and the logo.

Here is the $ZNN token logo the community agreed on.

Here is the new Token Update URL.

I will try to follow up on this request to add the security audit: Add ChainSafe Audit to wZNN.ETH EtherScan Smart Contract Page - ╰ Funding | Staging - Forum

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@sumamu We are changing the green for all branding. Please let’s use this logo for the contract changes you are going to make. thx

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I dont know if it was also in the plan, but it should also be changed on coingecko.

Already in progress! :slight_smile: