Dev Related Marketing Task Tracker

Development Related Marketing Task Tracker

Category / Task Description / Link Responsible Due
walletAPI znn_wallet_api repo @CryptoFish @0x3639 April 2024
Integration Guide Write CEX Integration guide per AZ @0x3639 April 2024
Etherscan Update Etherscan per this post @sumamu April 2024
Supernova Explorer
Blockscout Deploy Supernova explorer @0x3639 @mehowz TBD
Register Blockscout Link Add chain to Blockscout explorer list @0x3639 TBD
Apple Notarize Syrius for MacOS. Create Apple developer account to manage certificates . @0x3639 TBD
Microsoft Romeo??

Notes & Links:
In order to increase the visibility of Zenon and the confidence in using Syrius wallet (especially on MacOS where you’re prompted to move it to Trash), we need to list it on major AppStores:

Some info regarding Windows Store:


Fully support all those initiatives.