AZ Bi-Monthly Dev Updates

Update Jan 10


Write a community developer update every two months for the year 2024 and post them on Here are samples of prior developer updates I have written.

December 2023
August 2023
July 2023
April 2023
March 2023
February 2023
January 2023

Each update takes me on average four hours to write PLUS the time I spend every day to be aware of all development activities. In order to write these updates I’ve built the trust of the developers and they feel comfortable telling me what they are working on if I cannot see their work. ChatGPT cannot write these updates and ChatGPT cannot earn the trust of a developer. And we cannot hire a random technical writer online to do this work. I don’t think anyone would talk to them. I make every effort to write the dev section of the update myself with limited to no input from any developer.

The developer updates are used by the community to understand the status of the project and the developers themselves read them to learn what others are doing. Some guys work silently by themselves and have no idea what others are doing.

I cannot tell you the value of the posts nor should the AZ depend on the current or future value of the posts. I am not proposing to integrate any funnels that track conversions, downloads of syrius, bridge events, or any performance metrics. I can report the page views and I can track clicks on links, but I am proposing a simple Developer Update (per the 7 samples) that I know are useful to the community. And, from what I can tell in Telegram, the community likes them.

For example, the Jan 2023 dev update received 473 views by 255 users and the average engagement was 2 minutes 27 seconds. I can share these metrics for each post going forward, but the payout is not a function of their success.

I’m asking to be compensated for my time to produce work that I think the community believes is useful, but the value is unknown. I’m also proposing no performance metrics on purpose because I do not believe ALL marketing can be measured on metrics alone.

For example, when Mr. Beast posted his first video do you think the metrics were good? And if he simply relied on those metrics to determine the value of the work would he be the media giant he is today? I believe you can create value over time with a sustained marketing effort, but the value is not readily apparent (initially). I think the dev updates and many of the articles I post on .info fit into this category. Check out how the grass roots marketing of kaspa evolved over time. From what I can tell value creation is not a requirement for rewards. There is some shitty marketing for sure, but when taken together they have a big footprint with some quality work with no VC funding.

When we pumped the other day I had an article written for every question that came up in Telegram and anyone following at that time can attest to that. I cannot tell you the value of that, but we had answers to questions.

Funding Request

100 znn per article for 6 articles = 600 znn paid out in two increments (month 6 and month 12). Justification assumes 4 hours per article at $50USD per hour at $2/ZNN => (6)(4)(50)/2 = 600 znn

I’m happy to share a portion of the funding with anyone who helps with artwork as others have in the past.

License For Work

If I receive reimbursement for the work, it will be licensed under this model. I’ve added this license due to the insane conversation below. This content is not intended to be monetized, funneled, ground up, repackaged, and linked all over the place in an effort to profit from it or get delegators. It’s a simple dev update on what the community is doing that is shared on a neutral platform for the good of the project.

Community Support

  • YES I support this AZ
  • NO I do not support this AZ
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I think doesn’t need to be justified for any further because If or When Zenon is a success we will need a reputable history to refer back to. I’m voting yes


I’ll shoot one your way, since this is your 2nd attempt:

Silly approach if the tools exist and it would actually make your content more valuable at no disadvantage to you. It’s clear your proposal has two intentions: attempt to develop a precedent for marketing that’s purposely unmeasured, while masking the ill-intent motives with your reputation as a contributor and work you’ve produced. You should’ve had labeled this as an operational expense for the network IMO. But you’re labelling it as marketing to discredit the need for performance for future (poor) AZ’s in the marketing category. Marketing will always require proof. Operations, to a lesser extent than marketing.

I agree on the vote for your contributions (yes to pay you), I disagree with the way you’ve once again misformulated the proposal (this is your 2nd shot in a row at Attribute and performance tech benefits for the network, you did the same with the last one re: thesis with your first poll, this time you kept Attribute keywords out of the equation).

Silly and scrappy as usual. Had to call you out.

Going forward dev updates if paid by AZ (hopefully they will), will be reposted on Org and used alongside performance systems to prove new value generated to the network. I believe I’ve offered many opportunities for collaboration/guidance on best practices, but enough is enough. I’ll build the evidence with contributors I don’t have to argue-with anymore. There’s a bunch who believe in the vision and needs for evidence-based marketing, especially when it comes to articles. I do agree that some marketing forms may have a bit more difficulty with Attribute-included campaigns, but articles are the prime channels for performance strategies. You don’t want to include for the sake of trying to make a weak point. I’m making mine now.

Does this include moderating the dev meetings? I think it would make sense to lump these.

Also re value, I believe you can always find a way to track value. Directly using tools like MehowBrains is suggesting or through another means like innovation accounting / leading indicators.

@mehowz License updated to reflect your desire to commercialize it. Please vote accordingly.

Haha, that’s fair. 2 people including yourself had already voted before you added the license. What a mess. Changing the terms of your proposal on the fly.

Sure. When we have them I’m happy to do that.

I’m happy to track views and clicks, etc as reported by google analytics.

Question for everyone: What happens when AZ pays for work? Owned by the network? Can it be continuously licensed? Uncharted territories.

It should be set by the applicate and approved by the pillars. If they don’t like the license, don’t approve it.

What if the payouts go to Attribute marketers, which could be anyone in the community including your own links. Do you sue yourself and/or the community?

no idea. Read the license and vote accordingly.

From “I don’t trust Google and tracking and am fully onboard with decentralization and openness” to “I set a license on work AZ is reimbursing me for”

I’m not trying to monomerize content. I’m trying to help the community. And that is what this AZ is for. It’s not to commercialize it, monetize it, yield farm it, funnel it, convert it into delegators. it’s to help the community.

Placing your content on Org won’t commercialize it, it’ll just become more visible to a wider audience while serving the community and network as it’ll be a driving vehicle to attract new participation with performance frameworks Org is building. Don’t worry it’ll be fine, hoping your AZ goes through for your payment. You deserve it.

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I’d rather you link a metric to what you want to see come of these updates. Is your goal for more people to read it, more people to say it is helpful, for the updates to generate discussions? You can track any / all of these. Wouldn’t just measure for the sake of measuring but think how you will define success personally and how you will track that.

If the goal is just to have these merely “exist” that’s fine too but I think we can strive for more

honestly i think the goal is to keep everyone informed and excited about our developments. And when someone new comes in and asks for an update on development, we can give one. That is my goal. If the community wants to share them on twitter that’s awesome but I don’t have a plan to market or advertise these any differently than we have been today: TG, twitter, etc.

As I said above, sounds like it’s an operational expense for the network. Mislabelled as marketing. Hope you get rewarded, you work very hard.

I don’t think your license is valid though. “No derivatives or adaptations of your work are permitted.” Dev updates are dev updates, I don’t think there’s anything proprietary about ecosystem updates (which will get mentioned and written by others, in various shapes and forms). Sounds restrictive to only allow 1 brand to own such information in perpetuity, and especially if paid by AZ. Can a brand even own what’s typically public information? Lol

The addition of the license doesn’t quite jibe with the just trying to help the community vibe. I think emotions are driving too many comments on AZ today. Time to step away for a bit…