Funding the founding devs' roadmap

Controversial topic:

On one hand, AZ is supposed to fund projects based on community consensus.

Yet, Hypercore team seeks significant funding to implement a few bullet points (“product roadmap”) Kaine posted without much reasoning as to why. He basically just said “build this next” without due discourse (as far as I could tell).

Kaine has the finger on the button when it comes to activating sporks. As a result, projects outside his agenda might not get activated until the spork activation is in the hands of pillars (as specified in the very first ZIP).

Personally, I don’t feel like Kaine’s roadmap should be funded by AZ funds unless the same standards are applied as with any other community AZ submission.

We should exterminate any hipocrisy or double standards around what zenon prides itself with:

  • decentralization
  • leaderlessness
  • trustlessness

Just my 2 cents as a plebeian bag holder. Maybe others have thoughts they want to share.

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The thing is that we all assume - and probably it’s right to some extend - that Mr. Kaine knows about the consensus he / they built and how it’s supposed to work. This fact shouldn’t exclude educational takes and more (way more) explanations on his side as we are in a position where we have to blindly trust this is going to the right direction. I’m not saying Kaine isn’t wise when it comes to this project, but for us to move forward in a healthy way, there’s a need for communication. Any project submitted on A.Z should be properly documented and any direction the project is taking written up in an accessible manner, and not in a few bullet words. As a matter of facts, the last proposal that came out on A.Z without any kind of explanation has been heavenly rejected so far.