HC1 Private Pillar Chat

Private Verified Pillar Chat

The {H}ypercore development team has prepared a private chat room where HC1 developers can communicate directly with verified Pillars. The goal of this verified chatroom is to help the HC1 developers set the roadmap of work it plans to complete.

In addition, verified chat can help us communicate directly with Orchestrator / Pillar operators in the event of emergency. Verified Pillar Chat uses Rocket.chat and a custom Pillar Verifier bot written by Vilkris. We previously tested a version of this bot with verified delegator chat.

Steps to Join

  1. Sign up for the chat: https://chat.hypercore.one. Click Register a new account

  1. Provide a username, email and password. A unique email is required so test@test.com will fail.

  1. Next you will need to sign a message from your Pillar address. Open SYRIUS and sign one of the three messages in the drop down list. The top row is your username, then paste in the Pillar public key and Pillar signature from SYRIUS. Click Use this username and you will be registered.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 6.17.17 AM

  1. After registration you will be automatically added to a private chat room called pillar-chat with Verified Pillars and HC1 developers (George, Vilkris, CryptoFish, Sol, and 0x). Only verified pillars and HC1 developers can read and post in this channel. Chat in the general channel is NOT private or verified.


  • While the verification bot only allows authenticated pillars to enter the chat, users should assume the chat could become compromised. We have not tested E2EE yet. It’s still in beta and could affect the signup workflow. Verified Pillars will only have access to the pillar-chat.
  • A users Local Time will be displayed on their profile as 0. We had to manually remove the timezone with a javascript.
  • chat.hypercore.one is run on private infrastructure hosted by 0x3639 (deeZNNutz). The servers sit in a datacenter in the US.

Login Settings

E2EE is NOT enabled. It’s still in Beta.


Gentlemen agreement v2

HyperCore.One will be working directly with pillars to provide infrastructure support and to help determine what our team should focus on while pursuing AZ funding. We are not working for free. Pillars which support our efforts will be prioritized and will likely receive more frequent and advanced updates for our work.

That is quite different from some sort of collusion to create a ceiling for pillar reward sharing, which is what you are referring with “Gentlemen agreement”


Unless you have proof that we’re going to create proposals, tell pillars that if they vote on them that they’ll get some sort of cut or kickback, I’m not going to tolerate such allegations.

That would be collusion.


We are creating an environment to facilitate engagement with pillars. If there was a better, neutral system in place, we wouldn’t have set this up.