How do I participate in the Zenon Network raffle?

What is the Zenon Raffle Service

The Zenon Raffle Service is a weekly raffle, hosted on NoM!

It’s managed by a Telegram bot that organizes rounds and provides data about previous ones. Like a traditional raffle, the more tickets that you hold, the greater your chances of winning.

At the start of each round, the bot announces the raffle parameters, such as start/end momentums, the raffle ZTS, and the deposit address.

When the round ends, the bot tallies the submissions, calculates the round’s winning ticket, and distributes the pot to eligible participants.

Revenue is split across the winner, Accelerator-Z donations, burns, the dev, and revenue share recipients.

How do I participate?

  1. Follow the Zenon Raffle Accounement Bot
    Telegram: Contact @zenonraffle

  2. Message the Zenon Raffle Bot for Info about the raffle
    Telegram: Contact @zenonrafflebot

  1. Read the docs for exactly how the raffle works
    Zenon Raffle | Zenon Raffle Docs