Network State Conference Sponsorship AZ Temp Check

Conference Complete

Highlights as follows:

Final schedule (several new high profile speakers added from time of original submission such as Erik Voorhees):

Postcards distributed to each chair thanks to @mehowz design and funnel:

15-min presentation of Zenon. Credit to @Stark for the recording. Will have another recording once all footage is returned from professional A/V service.

We have an e-mail list of over 186 total registrants (sold 25 more the morning of) that we will be including another sponsored Zenon post along with the social mentions.

Had several inquiries about Zenon from, investors, content producers, and the head of ecosystem development at Prospera, a special Economic Zone that he was mentioning has a sizable BTC community to tap into who seemed particularly intrigued.

There was a booth with some of the same material we had printed but all the booths did not have a ton of traffic in the first place.

Events are messy but we have already been invited to do a similar event in ETH Dublin and Token 2049 in Dubai.

Leaning into planning another Network States event with head of TNS Connect (another network State Org and one of the moderators) for the BTC Conference in Nashville.

Overall the event was a huge success and could not emphasize enough the importance of IRL green-pilling. While we did not originally account for a full recording of the event, we were able to sell enough tickets in coupling with this sponsorship to cover an entire A/V recording of the event which we can leverage the content from throughout the year (including the znBTC logo on the screen in the background that we can also edit in to it)

Thank you all for your support on this endeavor and Zenon’s meatspace debut.

We will be submitting our entire Phase I completion request in A-Z and also would like to split the QSR proceeds as follows for fellow alien supporters:

@georgezgeorgez - 3000 QSR for preparing and giving presentation
@mehowz - 3000 QSR for BTC States asset generation and funnel setup
@coinselor - 2000 QSR for creating a very detailed Syrius walkthrough video (we have not leveraged this yet but will be helpful for onboarding into Syrisu)
@Stark - 200 QSR for creating a quality screen recording of the presentation

Remainder to build_republic for event cost coverage.