Network State Conference Sponsorship AZ Temp Check

Since the Building Network State event success in Denver, we’ve been approached to either host or co-host a similar event style at several global conferences already to include Token 2049 Dubai, ETHDublin, and Consensus in Austin.

The Token 2049 Dubai side event is a smaller gathering that is being fronted by our co-host Logos

ETHDublin is also being fronted by the host and we have been offered both a keynote speaker slot and partnership banner.

Consensus in Austin is more of a grassroots effort with but lower expectations for the attendees.

Point being is that there is clear momentum for this narrative and event series where we get to be out front in shaping it (and thus Zenon alignment).

We’d like to capitalize on this further and wanted to get another temp check on an extended Network State event series.

The ask would be for a full 5K ZNN + 50K QSR AZ sponsorship request which would then cover an entire annual 2024 budget (and potentially then some depending on market price).

The release of funds would be by phase documented by a full list of receipts to account for the variability of event costs and logistics. Some examples as follows:

  • Network State Event 1: Co-hosted, build_ responsible for venue only; $2K costs; Phase creation for $2K worth of ZNN and/or QSR with link to all receipts

  • Network State Event 2: Co-hosted, no financial responsibility required for build: no receipts = no phase creation

  • Network State Event 3: 100% build_hosted, $4K venue + $3K food; Phase creation for $7K worth of ZNN and/or QSR with link to all receipts.

Not all events will necessarily be “network state-oriented”, some may take the form of smaller gatherings of VIPs, etc. One of the other events that we are planning this year is a global CivicTech hackathon (10 cities, 10+ hacker houses, virtual panels/speakers hosted in build) that will actually be lesser overhead than IRL events but really demonstrate the capabilities of what we are building.

Regardless, we will exercise best judgment to maximize value for our respective endeavors in a way that is flexible and efficient.

Zenon placements could include, but not limited to, all the placements we conducted at ETH Denver and I’m sure can be further refined as we evolve.

We think this is as good of a time as any to cement the BTC <> Zenon <> Network State narrative as it is a powerful one and gets the attention of some of the most frontier operators and investors in crypto. As such, wanted to get another temp check:

Would you support a full AZ sponsorship submission that is released in phases on a per-event basis (with receipt documentation)? One Phase = One Event.

  • Yes
  • Yes (with modifications - see replies)
  • No
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