Steps to Troubleshoot the wZNN <> ZNN Bridge

The process to bridge assets from $ZNN => $wZNN or $wZNN => $ZNN should take about one hour with all the security measures in place. If you are “stuck” on “1/2” or “estimating” here are the steps you should take. These messages should appear for up to 20 minutes each.

  1. Make sure Metamask is updated. Metamask had a bug they fixed here: [Bug]: Chrome console error related to lockdown-run.js and lockdown-more.js · Issue #20847 · MetaMask/metamask-extension · GitHub

How to update metamask extension here: How to get chrome extension up to date? - #2 by toml - Desktop Support - Brave Community

  1. Make sure to only interact with the bridge on Google Chrome. After updating Metamask close Chrome.

Brave has a function called “Shields are UP”. This will prevent the Bridge from working correctly.

  1. We are finding that several extension can block access to the bridge. If you cannot trouble shoot that yourself, put Google Chrome into 'incognito" to interact with the bridge site. That will clear your cache and disable plugins that might prevent access to the bridge.

  2. Make sure extensions are enabled in Google Chrome incognito. Only enable Metamask.

  3. In Chrome: Right click > Inspect Element > Application tab > Storage > Clear site data

  4. Go into SYRIUS and remove any existing connection under Wallet Connect.

  5. Navigate to the bridge and connect both wallets (SYRIUS and Metamask). Make sure you are incognito.

If you want to see your actual TX status in the bridge follow these steps.

  • Wrap Requests (znn > wznn) Go to Zenon Hub and check your Wrap Request. Provide your 0x Ethereum address and submit.
  • Unwrap Requests (wznn > znn) Go to Zenon Hub and check your Unwrap Request. Provide your ZTS address (Zenon Address) and submit.