Welcome to HyperCore One

What is HyperCore.One?

HyperCore.One is comprised of HyperCore developers who have organically come together as individual contributors to form a team capable of delivering end-to-end value to the Zenon Ecosystem.

This end-to-end delivery model includes:

  • research / proof-of-concept
  • delivery planning and breakdown
  • implementation
  • ecoystem protocols, interfaces, sdks
  • UI and UX
  • holistic testing
  • software release lifecycle
  • community education
  • external marketing material

This tightly integrated delivery model will enable us to show value at every milestone and work within a project/payout cadence that is agreeable given the volatility of the network’s native assets.

Who are the HyperCore.One members?

In alphabetical order:

Sol Sanctum

4/5 of our members were part of the original HyperCore nominations:
Several members have been here since at least the WarpDrive days.

All members strive towards open collaboration and high standards of open source stewardship.


Question: On the zenon.org website I can promote to new devs to either form their own teams, or join existing HyperCore teams. Are you open to have newcomers join, or prefer if they’re guided to join other teams / make their own?