AZ Investment Thesis Position Paper

My suggestion would be not to position this as a marketing proposal. Creating documents can add value to the network, ranging from an investment thesis to technical documentation, graphics, designs, and more. Whether or not that content can then be successfully implemented in a marketing campaign is not relevant to the content creation itself, where the emphasis should be on quality.

My issue with creating an investment thesis is that authoring one at this point in time would be a difficult task to avoid misrepresenting the project and dealing in factual truths. There is no consensus on what the network is and how it is developing.

There is no insight into the founding developers’ progress and participation in implementing phase 1 other than some sparse Telegram posts in the past. And from the more vocal developers on the forum, we only have ideas.

I think if you were to write a truly comprehensive investment paper, it would not look very appealing currently.

I believe something more useful would be a detailed technical paper going into the nuts and bolts of the network, how it works, what it’s doing, and where it’s going.