AZ Investment Thesis Position Paper

Im happy to vote yes to whoever wants to contribute at the moment as contributors with talent are a rare breed in this diluted market.

I understand the importance of tracking for an organisation who want to reward salesmen and that can continue under the zenon org brand. I also understand the importance of those who feel this is a decentralised experiment project and we are not one big corporate that has to track all leads to plot income flows and try to dissect the reasoning behind aping from links.

Just let it be, we need more work not more politics


This is what you’re offering in this proposal;:

  1. Content.
  2. No plan for a distribution strategy.
  3. No plan for a nurturing plan post consumption.
  4. No plan for a conversion plan during consumption.
  5. No execution plan/timeline. Showing no evidence of qualification. Rather appearing like you only want to secure votes for the idea when not even ready to execute atm.

Will vote no 5 times. It’s missing many of the principles I suggested a long time ago.

So white label funnels will be zenon org brand? Answer that.

First you’re going to explain to me what a white label funnel is to me

Why are you participating in marketing discussions if you don’t understand what white label means in a context of funnels? Yet alone criticize my brand.

How do you measure whether it meets the standards if there’s no frame of reference which neither the author or those voting on the payout have set?

You can buy a fake rolex on the streets of bangkok and you or any non-expert won’t be able to tell the difference.

It will still be worth only 50 bucks sir

White label in context of funnels:

  1. The static funnel is assigned a network’s brand domain i.e.
  2. There are no images, links relating to
  3. The whole appears as owned, created and hosted by for this example.

Because i have a vote sir

Unqualified voters should be deterred from diluting our bags by wasting community funds on “contributions” that don’t create any measurable value.

Running a pillar and managing the treasury for the entire community doesn’t liberate you from doing basic due diligence just because this is an open source project. On the contrary. You have a responsibility not to misappropriate funds.

Of course you can choose to be irresponsible but then don’t be surprised if people call you out for it.

Delusional lol where does one get a qualification for having a pillar?

You are very condescending with me. This isnt the first time. I feel its all because you’re jealous, its okay I forgive you buddy.

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Having a pillar doesn’t mean you’re qualified (albeit entitled) to vote on any matter.

You (and others) have a precedent in approving funds for bogus submissions: Zenon Tools

Recent events did not exactly instill confidence that you learned your lesson.

The worst thing about this public debate is that the willingness for selective dilettantism taints the overall perception of this project and undermines the efforts of those who actually build value. By those who don’t or refuse to understand it.

While I agree with some points it’s not up to you or mehowz or anyone to dictate how ab A.Z proposal should be formated. Stay agile and don’t blindly gatekeep. I feel like some Pillars imagine because they hold a stake in a microcap project they’re suddenly overqualified. You don’t dictate anything.


This is what I don’t get about this community:

When I know I’m not an expert in something, I hire talent. I hired my dev, infra engineering, analytics expert to tune the server-side ops.

Some others in the community: “I’m an infra engineer or dev, but today I decide to put on a marketing hat. Now pay me full value for my time, even though I have never successfully developed a full cycle marketing campaign which proved to work. I don’t want to hire someone to come up with the right strategy/mix, I want to get paid for it. I don’t think we need to prove if it works, it’s valuable, trust me. I think it’s useful cause other brands did it when they paid successful analysts to develop docs. I’m them too now.”

This community is getting ridiculous.

Luckily I’m aware I have only 5 votes. But sure you can accuse me of dictating instead of labelling it as “suggesting very strongly for the benefit of the network”. Appreciate that.

On another note your personal ward are nefarious for the entire project. Respectfully. It goes for all of you. Mehowz wanting to enforce his data driven approach, deeznuts his company ways to do things, others … well. You know. We are all different with different backgrounds and this should be a strength. Don’t dilute it because you think you’re better.


At the end of the day what happens will happen and decisions are made by abiding to the rules of the protocol. But it’s anyone’s right and obligation to speak up if there’s a risk of additional dilution because grants are approved with zero reason or diligence.

You re very vocal mehowz but in this very topic on how to do things, it’s starting to get boring.

It’s not my job to entertain you.

So why are you doing it with so much enthusiasm?

With valid questions you mean.